Todos trabajamos por un sueldo, y desgraciadamente el sistema social laboral mexicano está desestructurado porque ahora la gente estudia carreras con perfiles que no les gustan pero son bien pagados, y ahí tenemos a empleados, gerentes y altos mandos con amargura, mal humor y desmotivación; están ahí sólo porque pagan mejor.

Las profesiones y oficios que realmente quiere la gente son muy malpagados pero te apostamos que en los que te vamos a presentar, los trabajadores están ahí por amor a lo que aman pero desgraciadamente con sueldos injustos, en condiciones miserables, con horas extras no pagadas y carga laboral extrema. Aún así estas personas se parten en cuerpo y alma por dar lo mejor de sí y brindar un servicio de calidad. Desgraciadamente y como te lo mencionábamos antes no es bien remunerado el pago que reciben por todo lo que hacen, incluso más que aquellos que tienen estudios en carreras donde se gana muy bien.

1. Educational Assistant

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She studies a quick 2-year course to treat nursing and maternal children. You will be the crucial person in a child's early childhood because at that age they learn everything fast, both good and bad things, but the Assistant or kindergarten teacher will obviously instill values, healthy habits and develop early stimulation. For all the responsibility they carry they earn just $ 3,500 per month, almost nothing. They deserve a higher salary. And despite their studies and how difficult it is to be a nursery teacher, parents see them as babysitters, when the nanny does not have as much knowledge as an assistant.

2. Child stylist

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The child stylist must first have made a career of professional Stylist and then specialize in infants. The Styling career is very expensive for all the materials to buy, and it is well paid because women for vanity and beauty pay whatever. Unfortunately, those who pay for their vanity are the same as with the blessings they get stingy but they do want a first class service. In the best places there are children's aesthetics where the infantea stylist is earning the minimum salary, approximately 3,600 per month, doing a difficult and dangerous job, because controlling a restless child is difficult, especially when you have to manipulate the scissors.

3. Baby sitter

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It is true that they do not usually have the studies of an Educational Assistant, but taking care of children is complex. It is poorly paid because moms do not want to release more money "because it is easy to take care of my child" according to them, but a child is too much responsibility, they cannot allow them to approach dangerous objects and are prone to falling and the most vulnerable part is head.

4. Cambaceo

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Something that managers, bosses and supervisors should do is done by people without studies, when sales are extremely difficult and only with professional tools such as a career would the desired result be achieved. There are people who are getting smaller and they get sales but they earn a misery and many times with mockery commissions. These people are exposed to the cold, the sun, the assaults and if they are women much worse, and ppr cambaceo pay from 3,200 to 6,000 although it suits you, because there are financial and internet services that then have ppr commission to their employees.