30 hitmen shoot at and set ablaze a police station in Chihuahua - video

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Esteban Escobar 19/04/2019 1 visit Informe

By: El Blog del Narco*

In the screen is seen pitch black, which make the noise more overwhelming, and the scene more heartbreaking.

The people nearby who record it, do not seem to be clear that it is a burst of bullets. "Is that in the presidency?" Asks one. Another adds with doubt: "That's a blast." "What is that?", Is also heard say. The residents remain stoic without knowing where to move or how to proceed. 

From a residency in the Anahuac community, in the Mexican state of Chihuahua. It is related to a series of violent incidents this Monday attributed to Gente Nueva del Tigre cartel, according to to the Attorney General of the Western Zone State.

Tiroteo en Chihuahua

The first incident occurred at a liquor store. Two officers Antonio Ramos Soto and Manuel Alberto López Andazolaó arrived at the place. Minutes after, they were shot down. Officer Ramos Soto died and his partner got a wound in a leg. 

Afterward, the armed group with for at least 30 gunmen, headed to Anahuac police headquarter to continue the onslaught. A video after the shooting shows multiple bullet impacts on the structure. 

The attackers also shot at various gas tanks located in the police building which caused a fire. The interest of the 'narcos' was to free a detainee who could not scape since [he] died as a result of the inhalation of carbon monoxide.

The authorities have not apprehended the assailants yet.

After the raid, they drove off in 10 pick-up trucks. Prosecutor in charge Cesar Augusto Peniche pointed out.

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