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Tuul Musica
tuul 13/05/2019 1 visit Reportar este contenido

There's a fairytale that says
Once upon a time
Funky music belong 2 people who
Drink cheap wine

That's why I gotta get on my own way
That's the new golden rule
Enjoy the closest human
I'm much 2 hot 2 be cool
100 miles an hour, baby
That's what it's all about
I need a lover that could slow me down
Somebody that'll make me shout

There's a misconception that says
Everything on the one (Everything on the one)
And my first reaction is just try 2
Have a little fun


There's a fairytale that says
Twice in the Land of Oz
Dorothy made love 2 the Lion
Because because because...


Make me shout
Can U make me shout?

Fecha de lanzamienmto: 2018

Género: Pop

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Tags: Prince

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